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    The Radical You

    Paula's TRY Miracle


    adjective: 1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Paula's TRY Miracle, The Radical You - a call to action, to change your relationship with your skin, with products from nature that offer thorough care for the fundamental needs of your skin...

    Meet The Founder
    Founder / CEO

    Paula is currently the president of The Radical You! Inc., a successful and growing beauty and imaging corporation, as well as the owner and manager of the Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa in Toronto. She has worked as the Vice President of the Canadian Cosmetology Association, which facilitated in regulating the industry, by ensuring that all Hair Stylists and Barbers are licensed, within the cosmetology industry. To this day, Paula maintains relationships with a network of affiliates, associates, and leaders within the beauty and aesthetics field. As a master stylist, Paula is known in the industry as a leading entrepreneur that wears many hats. Paula is not only a Celebrity stylist, she also holds a bachelor's degree in Theology, and is an ordained minister and chaplain, with a strong desire to serve everyone who is in need of emotional and spiritual soul care. Paula sits on many boards as President, Director, and Treasure. Paula is also one of the founding members of the Conservative Black Congress of Canada, which she is so honored to be a part of.

    Meet The Team

    With over 25 years in corporate administration and Project Management, Jullaine brings professionalism and organization to the team. Jullaine’s background in Research and Development in the Nuclear Industry along with assisting Program Managers in the area of Safety, Licensing, and Industry Standard Toolset, gives her the discipline needed to hold our team accountable to the most stringent timelines, industry regulations as her commitment are consistent in first-class results. When Jullaine is not wearing her administrative hat, she is out blazing the hiking trail, exercising, and most importantly serving in her community.

    Meet The Team
    Marketing & Social Media

    As a Social Media Business Strategist, Peter offers his clients the benefit of many successful years in retail operations, transportation and logistics, business development, executive recruitment, business transformation, digital transformation, change management, and social media. Each piece of the puzzle, coupled with his creative skills, brings depth and stability to the development of your brand and audience acquisition strategies.

    Meet The Team
    IT / e-Commerce

    With many years of experience in the areas of eCommerce, Insurance, Marketing, Finance, and Legal, Errol has been engaged in corporate IT at all levels from Development through analysis to Project Management and Delivery Management. He is an FLMI and PRINCE 2 Practitioner qualified. After years as a permanent staffer at various firms and a stint managing his own multimedia business, over the last 15 years, he has worked as a contractor/consultant for several FTSE companies and is currently acting as Digital Delivery Lead for the UK's largest specialty warranty provider for the past 4 years. Along with his career in IT, he has been actively involved in the music industry for many years as an artist manager, producer, and songwriter/arranger. His hobbies include gardening, horology, videography, and anything to do with music.

    The Miracle you've been waiting for. Radical results for a radical you!
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